What is SportsMed4Parents’ all about?

The increased prevalence of sport related injuries over the past several years is a well-known fact. The
recent head injury sustained by Tua Tagovailoa and the cardiac arrest suffered by Damar Hamlin in the
2022-23 NFL football season are just the latest example. Whenever these injuries occur in the
“spotlight” the conversation of how extreme and common these injuries are begins. However, this
conversation only seems to last for a week or two and then we go right back to cheering for our teams
on the television without thinking of the injuries.

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The unfortunate truth is that these injuries don’t just happen in televised sporting events.
For every Tua Tagovailoa there are thousands of youth athletes that sustain serious injuries in the
United States every year
. It’s not just head injuries that are sustained. Bone fractures, ligament ruptures
and joint dislocations are also common. These injuries often have lifelong effects and consequences.
Football is not the only sport with high injury rates soccer, basketball, hockey, lacrosse, wrestling and
gymnastics also are associated with high injury rates among youth athletes. 1

There are approximately 60 million children between the ages of 6 and 18 that play at
least 1 sport each year in the United States. 8 million of these children participate in a sport at the high
school level. 3.5 million athletes under the age of 14 and 1.2 million high school athletes sustain a
serious injury every year.2
70% of high schools have at least some access to an athletic trainer to help
evaluate and treat sports related injuries. Only 37% of high schools have a full-time athletic trainer.
Also, it is rare for middle school and other youth sports programs to have access to an athletic trainer.3

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The high injury rates among youth athletes combined with the limited access to sports
medicine professionals leads to parents often having to care for their children’s injuries and burden the
healthcare expense.
My name is Todd Lamoreau. I am a physical therapist and athletic trainer. I have
had the privilege of working with athletes of all levels including middle school, high school, Division III,
Division I and Olympics over the past 20 years. I see the significant impact of sports related injuries every
day. I am also a father with a 10-year-old daughter and 7-year-old son that are just starting their journey
in youth sports. Every time I watch my kids play, I’m hoping that they don’t become part of the sports
injury statistics.

My partner, Eric Gosselin is also a father of young athletes and has worked in healthcare for over 20 years in a variety of roles and levels. His career path has taken him down healthcare leadership, operations, and process improvement. He has seen first hand that we have opportunities to do a better job of providing information for parents and young athletes around sports play and prevention.

We are starting this website to provide a resource to parents that are trying to prevent
and care for injuries in their kids.

We working towards developing the following resources:

  • Easy to understand articles and data injuries by sport and positions so you can make informed
    decision with your young athlete while understanding the risks.
  • In our articles and our resource page we will share products and partners that we trust to help you
    care for your children’s injuries.
  • Library of videos that will explain common sport related injuries and educate you on how to prevent
    and treat them.

We look forward to being your trusted source to help you prevent and treat injuries
sustained by your child athlete.

Todd Lamoreau and Eric Gosselin


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3) Pryor et al, “ Athletic Training Services in Public Secondary Schools: A Benchmark Study” Journal
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